Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Sec, may SSS ka dito"

From the House of Representatives' CPBO to NEDA to DBM back to NEDA to ZTE este CHED, now to SSS. Mr. Romulo Neri has really a fantastic political clout.

Former Speaker Mitra, the one who put Neri to Congress limelights in 1990, has rested in peace.
Former speaker de Venecia, the one who retained Neri and put more and longer glitter to him in Congress, has rested in political influence.
But their protegee continues to bask in political chandeliers, alive, well-lighted, glimmering.

From Abalos' "Sec, may 200 ka dito",
to PGMA's "Sec, may SSS ka dito".
See here,

Ad it might not be the last political position for Neri.
There is no limit to someone with high political and bureaucratic ambitions.
Next stop could be DOF or BSP? Who knows?
As long as GMA or her appointed presidential candidate are in Malacanang.

Meanwhile, woe unto taxpayers and SSS members. The lust for multi-billion robbery too, has no limits for those in power. When the administrators of tax money and SSS contributions are intent on stealing the money, what can they really do? Can they remove, much less put to prison, those officials?

Go ask the cross-eyed fly (Sa Ilongo pa, "Ambot sa langaw nga libat")
Maybe Tarzan and Spiderman know the answer.


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