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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

March vs Pinoy Big Briber

The "Black and White Movement" and Moral Majority, headed by Enteng Romano, among others, are organizing a march this coming Friday, Nov. 9, from Ayala to Makati Central Post Office, to send mails and cards marked "Pinoy Big Briber", to President Arroyo.

Initially I supported this initiative. But I had 2 reservations lately.

First, the makati post office people are government employees, under the Philippine Postal Corporation (PPC or PhilPost). Malacanang can possibly order these people to throw away all mails to the President on that Friday afternoon. Double hit -- Philpost gets additional revenues, Malacanang does not get the mails. This may or may not happen, just a possibility.

Second, this is from a friend, criticizing the E-lagda leadership, now the same people in Black and White movement or Moral Majority:

"Has this group learned from its previous mistake? They short-circuited the constitutional process in 2001 to give us GMA, they were silently approving the stealing of FPJ votes by GMA in 2004, and now they are bothering us again without a public apology for helping rape the constitution to give us GMA for 9 years?"